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Connected Patient Platform

Helping Oncology& Other Chronics
'At-Risk' Patients to Live an Active Healthy Life & Staying Safe!

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The Herovest is easy to use, and my child has said that they are comfortable to wear. The Herovests provide re assurance to me as a parent, that my child’s lines are securely tucked away from the diaper area.

My child has a central line that can become easily contaminated, if this happens, then it could potentially cause my child to have life threatening sepsis. The HeroVest has given me peace of mind that the central line is tucked away securely, to minimalize the risk of becoming infected.

The Herovest has made a big difference, to not only my child’s life, but our life as a family as well

Testimonial from the Mother of a Child,
Childrens Hospital of Orange County, LA (CHOC)


A.I and Blockchain based Health Apps
Coming soon...

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