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Working to Keep You Safe in a Global Pandemic

Here are some of the PPE products we can provide, please contact us for items not listed below.

Washable -Resuable face Mask -White.png

Washable/ Re-usable
Face Mask

Nitrile Disposable Gloves.png

Nitrile Disposable

Printed Washable : Reusable Mask.png

Printed Washable/
Re-usable Mask

White Aprons -16 Micron, Flat Pack.png

White Aprons
16 Microns, Flat Pack

Disposable Latex powdered Gloves.png

Disposable Latex
Powdered Gloves

Face Shield Visor - EN166 certified.png

Face Shield Visor
(EN166 Certified)

Disposable latex Powder Free Gloves.png

Disposable Latex
Powder Free Gloves

3PLY Social DIstacncing Mask .png

3PLY Social Distancing

FFP2 KN95 Face Mask .png

FFP2 KN95 Face

PPE or ‘Personal Protective Equipment’ are products designed to help protect users against health or safety risks at work & play, and at this unprecedented time have potential to greatly help reduce the spread of infectious diseases.


Items include face, head, & body protection masks, visors, & gloves; cleaning, wiping & sanitising products plus specific social distancing welfare products. 

You can feel confident in purchasing your PPE & Social Distancing products from MediTek , as we are dealing with hundreds of thousands of customers, and have access to millions of products on our online ordering system, with outstanding customer reviews.

Please email us;

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