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Nurse Talking to Patient


MediTek products provide patients and carers with a greater ability to be more active and mobile, improving patient experience and Quality of Life 

MediTek has developed a number of line management products, through clinician and patient-centered focus groups, affording patients greater levels of modesty and dignity, independence, safety, security and confidence to be more active

         Key benefits of the HeroVest

            General benefits for all HeroVests

  • Comfortable, cool and unique wearable technology

  • Promotes freedom, independence and gives confidence for activity

  • The vest can be worn under clothing to reduce visibility

  • Manufactured from light, breathable and fully washable fabric

  • Vests can be used in hospital and the community/home

  • No specialist training required to use

             Additional benefits for Oncology

  •     Supports children to achieve developmental milestones by not missing out

  •     Children can safely return to school and play with their friends

  •     The Vest covers previous scars and dressings last longer

             Additional benefits for Renal

  •     Greater levels of dignity in mixed treatment locations

            For more information please visit our FAQs

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