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“The HeroVest is easy to use. It gives confidence that the line is secure. This will lead to more normal handling of the child by both clinical staff and parents. This confidence to touch the child and allow the parents to interact in a normal way brings normality to the child's life, enhanced the parental bonding process and allowing the child to act like a child."

Catherine Barry / Advanced Neo-Natal Nurse/ Practitioner & Lecturer

“As children's surgeon, I see first hand the concerns that parents have around care and security of their child's central line and also the implications of premature line removal. The HeroVest aims to give both actual line security and also peace of mind to families, something that we have been waiting for in central line care."

Dr Ross J Craigie / Paediatric Surgeon / Massachusetts General Hospital

Clinical Trials & Pilots

HeroVest Pediatrics is intended for patients around the age of 4 and with underlying central lines in their chest. It would benefit from a securement garment for the following reasons:

  • To prevent line from hanging near diaper area, etc. and becoming contaminated

  • To keep line out of reach of child from touching/tugging at it

  • To secure line from being pulled or tugged when patient is moving around or ambulating

Clinical Trial Findings: Positive feedback & suggestions

  • Parents were extremely excited to try the product as there is concern with young patients currently want to ‘play’ with their line, and the line getting pulled when patient is up and ambulating. This is an ongoing fear/concern for parents of young children with central lines.

  • Nurses also see great need for the product and need to ensure there is still an easy way to access the line for medications and lab draws without waking the patient or needing to remove the vest.

  • In the current design state, parents plan to use the vest while the patient is home and out and about in order to keep the line secure and out of sight.

  • Positive feedback on the lightweight fabric that it is soft, breathable, fire retardant comfortable for the child as well as easy to launder. Nurses educated families that vest should be washed daily, much like a daily clothing change as this is important for infection prevention practices. Parents agreed to buy multiple HeroVests in order to have one on the patient and in wash/ storage.

  • The patients and their loved ones are now looking forward to the 'Connected Vest' and 'Connected Patient' feature launching in 2023!


Clinical Nurse Specialist – Hematology/Oncology
Children's Hospital of Orange County, CA, US

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